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Bespoke website design by We Make Magazines. Our professional database-driven website design will work for your customers and search engines.

Each of our bespoke website designs are built from the ground up, with your business needs in mind. We don't use off-the-shelf software, each website is hand-built – no templates used.

We understand how modern websites work and how they must interact with search engines and social media to deliver results. As search engine optimisation (SEO) becomes more and more important as a way of reaching your customers, so is a content-rich website, full of compelling editorial presented within a bespoke website design.

A screenshot of the Mad Dogs and Englishmen website. An example of bespoke website design by We Make MagazinesMuch of our experience in website design has been acquired by delivering services to the publishing industry: good content has always been a magazine's most important asset. Whatever your type of business you can benefit from our design and editorial experience to help you stay one step ahead of the crowd.

We Make Magazines offers standalone websites and websites that complement your printed marketing.

We can create valuable content for you or provide the tools so that you can do it yourself. With professional database-driven website design, also known as a content management system, or CMS, you have all the tools you need to update your website yourself.

All of our websites are coded to strict accessibility guidelines to maximise the power of the internet and ensure we deliver our clients the very best website we can.

Frequently asked questions

What on earth is a professionally designed database-driven website?

A website can fall into one of two categories, static or dynamic.

A static website generally shows consistent information to all visitors for an extended period of time. The information can be changed but requires a website designer with specialist knowledge and software to make those changes.

A dynamic website is one that frequently changes, either automatically or by input from the website owner. Any website that contains a lot of information or requires updating frequently lends itself to a professionally designed database driven website.

The database part sits in the background, so all the techie bits are hidden away, leaving you to concentrate on keeping your website up to date. It is accessed via our content managment system (CMS), which is extremely simple to use: if you have ever used webmail such as Hotmail or Yahoo mail you already have all the skills required to operate our CMS.

How much does a bespoke website design by We Make Magazines cost?

Because all of our bespoke websites are designed specifically for the individual company, it is impossible to give an exact figure. Prices start at £1,000. For those on a tighter budget we have developed a simple web builder package allowing, you to set up your own website.

What kinds of website do you design?

We design content-rich and brochure websites that are simple for you to update and easy to navigate for your users.

We understand that you don't have the time to master a complicated content management system so we build you a CMS tailored exactly to your needs. It's quick and easy to learn, even easier to use. It allows you to edit, add links, add pages, change text, upload pictures, connect to Youtube and incorporate Googlemaps: in short, a website that fits in with your needs, not the other way round. See for yourself how easy it is to update pages with a sample of one of our professionalyl designed database-driven websites.

Can I deal directly with a designer?

You most certainly can.

Will my website be search-engine friendly?

We build search-engine friendly websites. Websites designed by We Make Magazines meet industry standards, which are the baseline for any good online user experience and ensure your site ranks higher in search engines. Our bespoke website design complies with W3C Standards. If you would like to find out more about the guidelines you can view them here. If it all seems a bit heavy going, that's OK, we've read them for you.

Do you offer a search engine optimisation service?

Yes and no. Search engine optimisation can be separated into two categories, on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation. On-page is all about effective copywriting of page titles, headings, body text, internal links and other on-page elements so that pages are keyword rich for search engines but still read well for humans. As experts in editorial we can do this for you.

If you prefer to write your own text you can be assured that the coding of your website is search-engine friendly, giving you the framework to build your own on-page SEO campaign.

Off-page SEO relates to strategies to build links to your pages from other websites. One such method is the submission to directories, which is not a service that we provide. However, arguably the most sucessful way to encourage linking to your site from other sites is the creation of strong editorial that people will want to link to – that we can help you with!

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