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Long Shot: producing a magazine in 48 hours

Launched in 2010 by Mathew Honan, Alexis Madrigal and Sarah Rich, the founders and executive editors, Long Shot magazine is an exercise in creative collaboration. 

In a two-day experiment, the Long Shot team invited contributors to help them put together and publish a magazine in just 48 hours. It all starts when the theme for the magazine is announced. Contributors then have 24 hours to submit their work, leaving the editors 24 hours to edit, design and lay out the magazine before sending it off for publication.

Issue Zero was published in May 2010 and proved to be a resounding success. 8,000 people signed up to take part, 1,500 submissions came in and 35 editors selected 70 pieces to fill a 60-page magazine, with the theme 'Hustle'.

Issue Zero was a hit. It broke distributors' sales records, received positive reviews in the New York Times, PBS and Village Voice, and won a Knight-Batten Award for Innovation in Journalism.

In August 2010, the team behind Long Shot decided to try again. Over a 48-hour period from 27 August to 29 August, hundreds of writers, editors, artists, photographers, programmers, videographers and other creatives from all around the world came together via the internet, and in offices in Los Angeles, Portland and San Francisco to make Issue One, with the theme 'Comeback'. 

If you have been following the Long Shot project, you will know that they recently announced news of Issue Two, which will be created this month. On 29 July at noon Pacific time, a new theme will be announced and writers and artists will have 24 hours to submit works based on that theme, leaving the team 24 hours to knock it into shape. 

If you fancy taking part in one of publishing’s biggest social experiments, sign up to receive the theme announcement for Issue Two and get working on your submission.

Or visit the HP Mag Cloud site to buy your copy of Issue One and support the project financially.

Date Posted: 14 July 2011
Posted By: Stacey Sheppard

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